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Dennis Coraccio has been performing in New England and Europe for many years. His unique self-taught piano style has been described as a fusion of rock, jazz and blues coupled with a distinctive, expressive voice. Dennis' influence on both covers and originals encompass a wide variety of artists including Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, U2, Tom Waits and the Beatles. Dennis always adds his own brand of creativity no matter who the artist, or what the song. The result is that people experience a familiar song in a new and different way.

Dennis tasteful music lends itself quite well to pubs, restaurants and any other establishment where tasteful, acoustic renditions of songs the 60's to the present are welcome.

Dennis also has an additional repertoire of songs geared for weddings, cocktail hours, corporate functions and private parties.




Dennis plays music to encompass all your wedding day needs. From providing seating music and special songs selected by you and your fiance at the ceremony, to playing the actual wedding march for the bride and bridesmaids.  

Dennis tasteful rendition of very recognizable popular songs makes any cocktail hour more enjoyable for guests, as bands and DJ's don't usually perform cocktail hours at wedding. The music presented in a low key manner, with a focus on instrumentals, so as to provide a pleasant ambience for your guests to talk and mingle.


Dennis provides a great cross section of highly recognizable music from the 70's to the present. The Eagles, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Elton John and Billy Joel are very well represented in Dennis repertoire for pubs and restaurants in the New England area. No two of his acoustic gigs are the same, as Dennis can play over 500 songs from memory and tailors his performance for the particular audience of any evening when he is performing. Of course, standards like "Piano Man," "Candle in the Wind", "Hotel California" and others are always requested.


Corporate cocktail hours, private parties, banquets etc. Dennis easy listening repertoire can please a wide spectrum of age ranges and musical tastes at any function.



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